Industrial Hemp: Future Medicine and More

Industrial hemp is the legal cousin to medical marijuana.  While legal in all 50 states, it has not been legal to grow in the United States for decades.  It has to be imported then processed into the products noted below.  Here’s a little summary of the possibilities:

Hemporium-The-Global-Benefits-of-HEMP-Tony-BuddenAs it turns out, the cannabinoid, CBD (cannibidiol), has tremendous health benefits for persons struggling with serious medical challenges.  Who knew that a plant grown with only trace amounts of THC (the compound that creates the high in marijuana, a different type of cannabis) could help so many?  This is not medical marijuana.  For the medically minded, here’s a Scientific Review of the literature on the medical benefits of cannibis including high CBD oil.  To continue the discussion, “Like” the “Seizure Free Zone” page on Facebook and let’s chat!

So why am I so fascinated by high CBD hemp oil?  Well just last night in the middle of a wretched flare up of seizure attacks (brought on by unknowing noxious fragrances of house guests) about 30 drops stopped the episode.  Since the exposure would not end until morning, my husband and I did the best we could to get me through the night when the tic attacks re-flared thereafter with less intensity.  In the past I would have endured a hellish night:  all night long with no relief.  While I would prefer to be cured with this substance, I know that it will not be that easy.  There are methylation and biotoxin illness issues yet to be resolved; gratefully I’ll be seeing some doctors in a new clinic to address them very soon.  Usually a new treatment creates convulsions for me.  That has not happened here.  Where would I be if I had nothing at all to arm myself in this battle?  More living hell indeed.

I am grateful to the Lord for any relief at this time.  The overall pattern of suffering is broken.  The Lord is at work even in this confusing situation.  To say more about that might sound like I know what the Lord is up to so I won’t because I’m not quite sure!  Faith in the promises of the Lord, Jesus Christ will sustain me.  Let’s just say this that I am reasonably at peace in this recent situation and am grateful for the endurance granted to get myself to the appointment on Monday!   Others have had life-changing experiences with new treatments such as CBD.  My prayer is that any of the episodes of my life not be wasted and if it is the Lord’s will, I will be healed.  Everything is usually not resolved overnight anyways . . . unless there is a miracle.

My miracle happened decades ago when I found hope in Jesus.  I would be dead in my sins today if He had not called me to his throne of grace.  That is more important than my health.  Perhaps, Gentle Reader, He can be of some importance to you too?  What good will it do to gain our health and lose the battle for our souls?  We won’t always be here battling the trials of living in a fallen world.  Someday we will die.  The Bible tells us that the decisions we made during our lifetimes will determine what will happen after our lives are over.  I’m holding out for the party in heaven, free of pain and suffering.  I can say that with confidence having believed the truths of Proverbs 3:5-6, John 3:16, and John 14:6.  This suffering is temporary.  I am not home yet.  When I am home, all suffering of every kind will be over.  Cool beans, man.

In the meantime I share a tool that may be of interest to you.  But make no mistake, nothing is more important than the eternal question.  If you stop with the first and never get to the second then this blog is of no value to you.  “Hope beyond” is about looking beyond what we can see to that in which we can believe without a shadow of doubt.  If you would like to have the confidence that your life is in the hands of the God whose thoughts of love and compassion towards you exceeds the grains of sand on the earth (Psalm 129:18), then I invite you to humble yourself and cry out to Him today.  He is waiting to hold your cares, your tears in the palm of His gentle hands  . . .

He’s Still on the Line

hold you tight

Long after my beloved is asleep

Devastated by unanswered prayers and sorrows so deep

I lie awake my body tossing, trembling

Such are the storms of night:  unending.

From wherest does my help come from

When prayers bring no relief with each day’s sun?

The hopes are dashed, the relief doesn’t last

And the damage, the pain continues no less.

So many nights where nightmares became reality

So much suffering sends off all memories of normalcy.

People leave your life even when they like you

For fear, for powerlessness, for horror of what is your truth.

New sojourners may come only to wallow awhile with you

Should you happen to find a way out they will be long gone too.

Choose wisely your inner circle my friend

Make sure the Lord is closest-in when the nightmare ends.

He will never leave:  His love will fill the gaps

Where others must fail, supernatural strength is what lasts.

You can call Him near, like a salve to the wounds of war

Then peace will come . . . you can carry on from there, dear one.

Now here’s a love song that reminds me of these times with my beloved Steve:  he holds me close while the Lord is still “on the line,” listening to our hearts and holding both of us near to His own.   From a simpler time:

Still on the Line

Footnotes on Suffering

To sustain us through the tough times, many of us turn to God and to prayer.  In this short article from today’s e-newsletter of the Vision Beyond Borders ministry, we can find encouragement and strength.  Let us allow God’s Holy Word to wash over us and consider Patrick Klein’s remarks as one who has seen suffering beyond what we can even fathom here in the United States of America.  We are blessed to have the freedom to be able to read and share these sentiments today:
Hebrews 12:12-13 says, “Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees. Make level paths for your feet, so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed.” This is talking about someone who has already been involved in the race. It is someone who has been pursuing the Lord and His purposes, but is growing weary and tired from the race. It is the point when they have hit the wall, and must dig deep to keep persevering.
When we feel burdened beyond our own strength to endure, it is then that we must remember not to rely on ourselves, but on God who raises the dead! We don’t want to start well then grow tired, but to be those who persevere, endure and finish well. We can’t do that in our own strength, but only through Jesus and only by setting His example continually before us; by looking to Jesus the author and FINISHER of our faith! (Hebrews 12:2)
This passage also tells us to make level paths for our feet. The word for paths here is “trochia”. It is literally translated as an imprint left by wheels – like a rut. We must realize that we are all leaving a rut in the ground for others to follow. No matter where God has us, there are people who are looking to us and our example. We must be careful that the path we are leaving is one that is level and straight, that it will not cause others to stumble, but it will be one of healing!
This passage comes directly after God explains how we are to persevere in the midst of our suffering, knowing God uses it to strengthen us…and not just us, but those who come after us! May He strengthen us to persevere for His Kingdom and His Glory. May we be a vessel of His healing as we leave a straight path for others!
I do pray that all of us wherever we are in the world will be healed of our infirmities in this life.  We know that by His stripes we are healed from the consequences of sin and death (1 Peter 2:24), by repenting and believing in the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (John 3:16).  We know that one day there will be no more pain and suffering (Rev 21:4).  While it is possible that it may happen in each of our lifetimes, there are no guarantees of this per se.  Rather than be discouraged, join me in being encouraged that all pain and suffering can be used for His glory if we but keep our eyes fixed on Him, persevere, and endure.  The trials can be used to strengthen us, lead others to the Source of our strength, and mature us (James 1:4) for our eternal reward in heaven (Rev 22:12).
And that, gentle readers, is enough to get me up and running again every time.  Even today when out of sorts.  How about you?
Thomas Kinkaid:  The Cross
Thomas Kinkaid: The Cross