Life is like a box of chocolates

Remember this famous line from the movie, Forrest Gump?  “Life is like a bunch of chocolates.  Sometimes you just don’t know what you are going to get!”  Yeah, I get this message when the day begins with renewed hope and ends, well, somewhere else.  That was my day today.

I am grateful for a local Lyme Support group, started by Tonya Floyd and co-facilitated by Cyndi Null-Jakacki and Diane Geeting.  To have a place to talk face-to-face, at length about this journey with Lyme Disease without boring or bumming anyone out is a great blessing.  Those of you who have had an extended period of illness probably know the value of this kind of support.  You just can’t talk very long with most people about being sick before the person to whom you are speaking starts to squirm, offers some quick advice, or even presses forth to pray a little too quickly.  Sometimes, I just need someone to listen a little longer.  Ask me a question.  Or I need to hear a little more of a fellow sojourner’s story to know that I am not alone.  And this morning, and every third Thursday of the month, I find it.  Thank you ladies for putting this together.
And thank you to those of you willing to read this blog.  Feel free to drop me a note sometime and let me know what’s up with you and how I may pray for you too.  I’ve got a blog now so I won’t go on with the details of the seizure-like tics that lasted several hours this evening, the flu-like symptoms and pain that lasted most of the day, or the worry-fest that rattled my brain when the symptoms were ramping up this afternoon.  It’s all better  now.
Praise the Lord, it’s all better now!  Goodnight.  :J