Inspired by Michael

Gotta love a wacky sense of humor!  Call it gallows humor if you will.  Today it is keeping me sane.

Here are a few momentos as I support my brother, Mike, recovering from a stroke.  Enjoy!  JJ

No Kidding!
No Kidding!
My favorite.  Have a good day all!
My favorite. Have a good day all!


oldcarguys pepsihope sick sense of humor strokerecoverysick sense of humoroldcarguyslife-support-computer-humorHIPPA humorheadnurseonfloor'Yummo Toothpaste contains no caffeine, and cleans your teeth better than Coke or Pepsi!'

This one looks like Mike!
This one looks like Mike!
Michael George Lech
Michael George Lech

Happiness is a Warm Puppy

Elle Nature Trail Oct 2008 001First snow dec 2009 0100530092039[1]Early Spring 2014 belly upDog in troubleDogs chasing tennis ball underwaterSometimes when it’s just me, my Heavenly Husband, and the pup at home I look for happiness and feel gratitude in my immediate surroundings.  Receiving a long look from a pair of puppy dog eyes goes a long ways at times like these.  Enjoy some canine humor and some pics of Elle, Steve, and me from the family photo album too!Snoopy hugging Woodstock


Drs. Shoe and Butt, Respectively

My husband, Steve, cracks me up sometimes . . .

Today while resting, he pulled a fast one on me.  Like, hey, I’m recovering from something serious and you are asking me whaaaaat?  Excuse me but the 5 minutes of serious laughter that followed erased my memory for exactly what we were even talking about!  What I do remember went something like this:

I was talking about something medical, perhaps a new treatment approach I was considering and his surprising remarks this afternoon to maybe pursue it.  He was interested in a Functional Medicine clinic up in Michigan and was quickly getting to the heart of the matter with a rather terse question:

“Was that Dr. Shoe or Dr. Butt you are talking about?”

You have no idea how funny this is!  Allow me to explain:  Dr. Shoemaker is a famous mold illness expert (author of Surviving Mold & other publications).  Dr. Shultz is a famous colon health/cleansing guru from American Botanical Pharmacy in California.   I have had the experience of doing 5-day juice fasts with a variety of tinctures and Intestinal Formulas (i.e. ones that make you GO) but that was before I met Steve.  My former spouse would tease me mercilessly when Dr. Schultz product catalogs came in the mail, often with a hearty picture of gut anatomy on the cover.  He called Dr. Shultz the “Poop Doctor” or something like that.

I have not done a juice fast/colon cleansing protocol in the past 7 years nor since meeting Steve.  He must have seen one of Dr. Shultz’s catalogs before I whisked it away to the recycling bin!  Oh dear!  The shoe and butt doctors have made their way into my genteel world of late for reasons whose details I’ll skip for the sake of grossness . . .

Gee, I wonder what will be the next zinger?  Stay tuned.  I’m not over this wacky derailment of health quite yet so there’s gotta be something else on the horizon.  And Steve will remember it when I least expect it to lighten things up, I’m sure of it!  He has a wild manner of remembering things dontcha know!

Have a good week, Gentle Readers.  Gotta run, :J