I miss you

A Letter to My Former Self:

I miss you dear one:

Your silliness, creativity, spontaneity, occasional complaints.

You have left me here quite empty

With shards of who you once were hanging in a forgotten frame.

If only she would come back

All things would be right again with the world, no?

Yeah that is a definite nada

Since we can never retrace the exact steps that brought us here anyways.

“So what to do with my longing?” I ask.

That’s a tough question barely understanding the answer that has come,

For we will not be happy back there

This foolery we must shed to fully be present in the “now.”

For Christ alone provides the joy within

Not circumstances nor that driven by the shallowness of this life.

Better to place one’s heart in the Lord’s hands today

And consider the blessings that would have been missed had we gone another way.

I cannot get back what has been lost all these years

Better for me not to miss the opportunity before me this very hour,


Than to have myself facing the wrong way when my Savior comes to take me home.  JJ

ephesians 5, 5.17, ephesians, Lord, will, my life, let go, let God

To be small

To be insignificant . . . is to be small

Yet being small is not insignificant.

Finding yourself last . . . is like finally getting up to bat in the bottom of the ninth inning

Yet the last at bat is not insignificant.

Not having gotten a word in edge-wise . . . can be an involuntary holding of the tongue

Yet avoiding many sorrows is not insignificant.

Remembering too late to make a difference . . . fuels the fire of regret in one’s belly

Yet preparedness at the Divine second chance is not insignificant.

Letting go of keeping score . . . might not win an argument in the moment

Yet grace under fire is not insignificant.

Waiting on the Lord for His perfect timing . . . feels like an eternity instead of the days

Yet joy in the morning is never insignificant when it comes.

And so I pray this night to be the humble . . . as one seen and still heard

By the One who makes me significant after all and says well done!

Jesus, warms, my, heart, penguin, faith, cute